About Company

Founded in 2004, Think N 3D Studio Pvt. Ltd. is an company that offers 3D solutions for various purposes to companies around the world.

Think N 3D Studio focuses its production in developing high impact CGI’s and animations for furniture, architects and real estate companies. It has reduced turnaround time so much so that it can respond to the speed demanding clients. Our resources and knowledge gained from years of dedication to the 3d industry, enable us to quickly evaluate a project and produce a responsive solution. These abilities, combined with the enthusiasm and desire to partner collaboratively with our clients, create a rare and unparalleled unification of technical ability and creative process.

We are consistently selected by the world's top architects, furniture companies, real estate developers, and advertising agencies to help make their projects come to life. With Think N 3D Studio there are virtually no limits to turning your ideas into reality.

In the future, Think N 3D Studio wants to collaborate with the media industry while it continues improving the services that it successfully provides to companies in 6 countries.


It is no wonder why we are experts in creating 3d objects and environments. Our company was founded in 2004 by four architects with a passion for visualizing architectural design in 3D. Our focus has since been high-quality and reliable production of 3D renderings and cinematic animations. Think N 3D Studio award-winning creative team and highly professional support staff is devoted to meeting the goals of our clients, creating successful cutting-edge projects and establishing long-term client relationships.


Our company's fusion of artists, animators, architects is the key to delivering successful 3D solutions that are fresh, powerful and effective. Oriented towards the client's needs, each project is assigned a project manager that oversees the project from the beginning stages to the final product. Our goal is to meet your requests and create a positive experience.